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Art Gallery: Boris Kocheishvili

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Boris Kocheishvili was born 1 April 1940. He graduated from the 1905 Memorial Moscow Art School. He exhibited his work at the International as well as Soviet/Russian Art Fairs. His work can be found in The Tretyakov Gallery, The Russian Museum, the Etchings Room of The Pushkin Art Museum as well as in art collections worldwide.

Exhibitions (according to www.artinfo.ru):

1984 Exhibition of 23 artists. The Central House of Artists, Moscow;

1987 Modern Soviet Art, FIAK-87. Galerie de France, Paris;

1988 Artexpo-88, Budapest;

1990 Kocheishvili, Fradkin and Tukachev. Kucha Gallery, Salsburg, Austria;

1991 ART MIF 2. Moscow International Art Fair, Central Exhibition Hall 'Manezh', Moscow;

Kocheishvili wrote poetry in the sixties, but only for a short while. He has resumed writing poetry in the nineties. His poems were published in the literary almanacs 'Noah' and 'Znamia'. Separate publications:

Two houses, Moscow, 1992
Just summer. Moscow, 2004.

Boris also composes music. He lives in Moscow.

His last name is sometimes spelled Kotcheychvili

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