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Art Gallery: Alexey Pismenny

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I was born in 1955 in St. Petersburg, Russia. My mother, Alla Pologova, always hoped that I would become an artist like herself. However, I went to study applied mathematics in college and made a career in computer science. In recent years I returned to painting, which I learned as an adolescent. My goal is to revive the medieval concept of art as a religious practice. I do not paint to express myself, like modern artists often do. I paint to tell a story to your spiritual eye.

I am happily married to Ann and we have three children, two at home. We live in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area. My work is available on commission or as Giclee prints. To discuss further, please use the contact form.

It is encouraging to see artists sharing the understanding of art as a medium of sacred communication. Here I place links to artists and iconographers that I would like you, dear reader and viewer, to visit.

David Clayton
Robert Bela Wilhelm, Th.D.

Permission is hereby given to reproduce my works on this site for the purposes of Christian evangelism, provided that the profit motive is none or secondary, attribution is made to me and I am notified.

Annunciation (Spring 2009)
Christ Stilling the Storm
(Winter 2007)
The Unslumbering Eye of God
(Spring 2008)
Second Coming of Christ
With Two Gospel Miracles
(Summer 2007)
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